Pray For Metal Bible Outreach @ SWEDEN ROCK!

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Pray For Metal Bible Outreach @ SWEDEN ROCK!

Post by MetalForJesus on Wed Jun 08, 2016 3:47 pm

Pray for the Metal Bible outreach on Sweden Rock (Metal Festival with 30 000 - 35 000 metalheads) this weekend. Festival started today and goes on until this Sunday. Pray that God's love will shine through each and every one participating in the outreach. Pray that God will give wisdom to say and do the right things.
Pray that the outreach will be all God wants it to be and that God's Holy Spirit will work heavily on many and make them open for Jesus. Pray for many good talks about faith and that the Metal Bibles will go to those that needs them most. Pray that the Metal Bibles will break down many misconceptions and be a tool to lead many to Christ. Pray that many strongholds that have blocked people to receive Jesus will be broken.
Pray also that God will send His angels to be a shield wall and protect everyone in the outreach. Several openly satanic bands will also play. Pray in Jesus mighty name that the satanic forces that follows these bands will be bound so they can't influence the audience in any way.
There will be signs with the text "Feel free to take a Metal Bible". Then those that are interested will come and pick a copy of it. Also if people want to have prayer, or if they want to just talk they are more than welcome to come for prayer, talks etc and God will meet them just where they are and show them His love and that He cares for them.
Thanks you so much for supporting the outreach in prayer! You prayer support is VERY important and very well needed.
In His Service
Johannes Jonsson
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Re: Pray For Metal Bible Outreach @ SWEDEN ROCK!

Post by xMetalMarkx on Sun Jun 12, 2016 9:11 am

I've been praying and look forward to your report.  Thanks for being on the front line.
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