Pray for Metal Bible outreach on Sweden Rock!

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Pray for Metal Bible outreach on Sweden Rock!

Post by MetalForJesus on Mon Jun 01, 2015 2:16 am


Today the leadership of CMI will travel to Sweden Rock (Metal Festival with 30 000 - 35 000 metalheads) to participate in the Metal Bible outreach along with Street Church and Biker Church.  The outreach starts today and goes on the whole week. We will be there to show people God's love and be God's outstretched hands to those we meet. We want them to see Jesus through us, that He is a reality and that He cares for them and can fill the void in their hearts. Pray that God will give us wisdom to say and do the right things and that we will be open for God's guidance and be good ambassadors for Christ.

Pray that the outreach will be all God wants it to be and that God's Holy Spirit will work heavily on many and make them open for Jesus. Pray that we will have many good talks about faith and that the Metal Bibles will go to those that needs them most. Pray that the Metal Bibles will break down many misconceptions and be a tool to lead many to Christ. Pray that many strongholds that have blocked people to receive Jesus will be broken.

Pray also that God will send His angels to be a shield wall and protect us, all we have and the cars we travel in from theft, damage and all evil. Several openly satanic bands will also play. Pray in Jesus mighty name that the satanic forces that follows these bands will be bound so they can't influence the  audience in any way.

We will put up signs with the text "Feel free to take a Metal Bible". Then those that are interested will come to us and pick a copy of it. We will also be available to pray for people, if they want to or just talk and just be there for them to show them God's love.

On the Swedish National Day, on Saturday 6th June the Christian Metal band Jerusalem will also play! Pray that God's Holy Spirit will come heavily on the audience and make them open for Jesus and receptive to receiving Christ in their lives. Pray that many during their gig will be touched be God and realize that He is a reality and that He died and rose for them. Pray also that Ulf Christiansson and the others in the band will be open for God's leading and get wisdom to say the right words and play the right tunes so that the Holy Spirit can speak prophetically through them into people's lives. Besides Jerusalem the Christian band called Safemode will also play. Pray that God work heavily also through their gig and that people that are on Jerusalem's and Safemode's gig will feel God's presence and that these two bands have something the other bands are missing.

Plenty of Christian Metal CDs, LPs, t-shirts and other Christian Metal merchandise will also be sold in our booth. Pray for good sales and that these things will reach out with the message of Jesus in a way people can relate and be tools to lead many to Christ.

Thanks you so much for supporting us in prayer! You prayer support is VERY important and very well needed and we really need your prayers backing us up and shielding us when we are out there on the frontline.

In His Service

The leadership of CMI (Jeanette Larsson, Henrik Larsson, Ulrika (Hulda) Jonsson, Johannes Jonsson)

through Johannes Jonsson
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Re: Pray for Metal Bible outreach on Sweden Rock!

Post by xMetalMarkx on Tue Jun 02, 2015 9:42 am

Will do.
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