Victory report from Metal Bible outreach on Sweden Rock 2015!

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Victory report from Metal Bible outreach on Sweden Rock 2015!

Post by MetalForJesus on Sun Jun 28, 2015 3:47 pm


This year it was the 10 years anniversary since the Metal Bible was released in 2005. Since then we have had Metal Bible outreaches on this festival every year. During the previous years a total of over 30 000 Metal Bibles have been distributed, just on Sweden Rock! Praise GOD. Still ca 1700 Metal Bibles were distributed also this year! As always we put up signs with the text "Feel free to take a Metal Bible". Then those that were interested came to us and picked a copy of it.  We also put up signs offering Prayer and Talks to those that were interested. We just tried to be available to God and to those we met and show them God's love.

The scriptures CMI:s main leader Jeanette Larsson got for the outreach this year were: John 15:5b (without me you can do nothing), Joshua 1:3-6  (every place your foot enter shall be yours), Luke 17:6 (faith as a mustard seed and Mark 16:17-18 (signs and wonders will follow those that believe).

Since this is the 10 years anniversary of the Metal Bible we started to think about which tree that begin to bear fruit after 10 years? After doing some research we found that it is the olive tree that start to bear fruit after 10 years.  Ezekiel 37 talks about the dead bones that came to life while Ezekiel 47 talks about the double stream where the blades come with healing to the people. The Metal Bible works just like these leaves. God use them as oil to come with healing to the people that gives new life to dead bones (people that don't know Christ are  spiritually dead) and awakens them from death to life.

The Bible is also the sword of the Spirit (Ephesians 6:17) and sharper than any two edged sword (Hebrew 4:12). To symbol this a mighty sword had been struck down into the ground of the base camp. During Jerusalem's gig it was however temporary raised up from the ground and used on the stage when Philip Christiansson used it  and proclaimed "Freedom" and then struck it down on stage (reminding of the movie Braveheart).

First days of the outreach the weather was really bad with lots of rain and VERY stormy winds! The winds were so strong that they ripped up notches on several of the walls in our tent. We felt that this was more than just natural weather conditions but a true war in the spiritual world between the angels and the demons. The enemy also caused conflicts within in the team. A strange thing also happened when I was walking around in the festival area. All of a sudden someone (that I had not had any contact with at all) just throw a Metal Bible at me! It landed just in front of me, so I picked it up and brought it with me, so some other person could have it. I believe it was the evil spirits that caused him to throw the Metal Bible at me, cause they hate me for putting the Metal Bible together. So a spiritual war was definitely going on. Later that evening most of the people in the outreach (not the CMI team however) were also thrown out from the area by the guards! This happened, although they hadn't done anything wrong or disturbed anyone. Since it is a spiritual battle we however chose to bless the guards. Next day, the team were back in the area again offering Bibles and prayer.

 We are pretty used to spiritual attacks at Metal Bible outreaches and we therefore always make prayer a first priority. We make sure to pray and back up each other in the team, cause we know that we are on the frontline. We start and end each day in prayer and we start each day with celebrating the Lord's supper.

This year we also had a Caravan (big thanks Pingstkyrkan in Karlshamn for sponsoring us with this!) where we could pray in private for team members that were feeling down or had faced tough situations during the outreach. In the caravan we also prayed for persons that we met on the outreach. One of them was a suicidal guy that had tried to kill himself several times. He was very depressed and felt like there was no hope. We told him that God loved him and could fill his void and give him hope. We had a long talk and prayed for him and God did a wonderful work in him. Let us continue to keep him in prayer!

In the team we had prayed that we would get many good talks and that God's Holy Spirit would draw the true seekers to us. And we got MANY good talks! Almost no bad talks (where they just try to mock Christians, blamed God for all injustices etc) at all occurred. Many also came to me and wanted me to sign their Metal Bibles, which I gladly did and wrote some of my favorite Bible verses as well. Actually I have never ever signed so many Metal Bibles as I did this year.

At the festival several openly Satanic Metal bands played. But this year, two Christian Metal bands, Jerusalem and Safemode also played as lights in the darkness. Something really cool happened when Jerusalem played.  During their set an atmosphere of peace (God's Holy Spirit) just came over the whole festival area and everyone including our neighbors Hells Angels became calm!

We had overall really good contact with non Christian bikers this year. Several bikers came to us to talk and we had many good friendly talks ending with that they shook our hands and said "respect" to us. One of Hells Angels local Presidents also dropped by to say hello. Last year he even told the others in the club that he is in charge over, that we were his friends and said to them "Take a Bible as well, you never know when you need one!" Amazing and very cool, to say the least!

Many young people came to take Metal Bibles. One day some youngsters also came by and took 8-10 Metal Bibles to their friends that were to be confirmed in the Lutheran church.

Besides Metal Bibles we also had plenty of Christian Metal CD's, LP's, T-shirts, rings and other cool stuff on our booth that we sold through our shops Metal Community and White Metal Shop. By offering these things we were a Christian Metal oasis for God offering an alternative and the only Christian booth on the festival. Our closest neighbor was Hells Angels.

On the last days of the outreach we got wellneeded reinforcements by Noomi Strågefors Henrysson and her husband Ingvar Henrysson. Noomi then lead the worship when the Lord's Supper where celebrated in the middle of the festival area with Street Church. During the Lord's Supper God did something really cool. A man suddenly breaks down, starts crying and comes back to Christ again (after going his own way for several years)!  Amen!!

To sum it up 1700 Metal Bibles were distributed and several other special Bibles as well.  Many also took small notes with Bible verses and Metal Prayer booklets. Most importantly we got many good talks and at least two persons came to know Jesus!! Amen, and that is really the main reason why we do this. If just one person got saved all storms, rain, opposition from guards and all hardship are all worth it and nothing else really matters! Each person is so valuable and we want to reach out to them in a way they can relate. That is why we do these outreaches, because we care for the people and want them to come to know Jesus and be saved for eternity.

Pray for all that we came in contact with. Pray that GOD will continue His work in them. Pray that God will continue to work through the Metal Bibles and other Bibles and booklets that went out and use them to speak prophetically into many peoples' lives and use them as tools to lead many to Christ.  Pray also that God will continue to work through the Christian Metal CD's, LP's, t-shirts, jewelry and other merchandise that we sold and use these things as tools to lead many to Christ.

I also want to THANK you all for ALL your prayers and support! It has meant more than words can say. Without your prayer support these cool stuff won't have happened. Thanks also to Roul & Birgit Åkesson, all from Street Church, Jonas & Maria Bernström, Marcus Ledstam, Bjarne Rasmussen, all from Biker Church, Stanley Karlman and everyone else that were involved in this outreach. You all Rock!

Most of all we want to THANK YOU GOD for all you have done during this outreach! This is your work and not ours, and we are so thankful to be a part of it!

Forever in His Service

The Leadership of CMI (Jeanette Larsson, Johannes Jonsson, Henrik Larsson, Ulrika Jonsson) + very valued CMI members Veronica Thondic (our Spanish translator and servant in prayer and encouragement) and Johannes Routanen (that watched faithfully over our tent in the nights)

through Johannes Jonsson
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Re: Victory report from Metal Bible outreach on Sweden Rock 2015!

Post by xMetalMarkx on Sun Jun 28, 2015 7:44 pm

Praising God with you, fellow saints!  Thank you for Kingdom efforts!!  cheers
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