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Vision of God Records

Post by Drawnsword on Wed Oct 25, 2017 6:30 pm

Vision of God Records has been putting out some really good Christian extreme metal in recent years along with there sub label supporting the true underground. It's nice that these styles are getting some serious support. I'v been enjoying many of there releases such as;
Elgibbor - revenger of blood (remastered and expanded cd)
ANGEL 7 - hail to the king
Elgibbor - Roots of blood
Holy Blood - Glory To The Heroes
Alstadt - Rest these woods in solitude
Golgota - return to the old path
Hazeroth - Charms of Sin
Demoniciduth - Enemy Of Satan CD (Deluxe Edition)
Elgibbor - Resist Him
Orationem -Your Presence and Strength
Endless Sacrifice - Dominio Total

Here is an interview with the owner..

Any others getting into there releases?
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Re: Vision of God Records

Post by strangerhoncho on Thu Nov 09, 2017 1:21 am

Yeah I like most of what they put out.  They put out new releases almost every other week, it seems like.  I haven't even had time to listen to all of the ones from the past few months.

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