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Post by Progton on Sun Jul 28, 2019 5:12 am

I've been a member of this page for a while, but not so active yet. I hope to make some changes here.

I am Ton from the Netherlands, 10 years ago i have started a Hyves page Christian metal Horde. When Hyves was not more i have soon started a Facebook page and later in addition a Instragram page. It's become a little bit of a hobby that got out of hand.
The name is partly based on the unblack metal Horde project. And its a nice synoymous for group.

The main goal of this pages is to share and promote christian metal even further. I post music, and i do so short interviews with less known christian metal bands with a topic Featured band. Recently i also did a 'special' interview with Shadows of Paragon and Vials of Wrath because both are in the recordings of a new album.
In the past i had help from another christian metal head from the Netherlands, and we had organised some meetings trough the Netherlands. He also created the logo.  Maybe in the future i will organise some meetings again.

If you like it,follow the Horde.
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