The Master's Metal: Podcast (2019)

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The Master's Metal: Podcast (2019) Empty The Master's Metal: Podcast (2019)

Post by Garrison4JC on Fri Apr 12, 2019 2:27 am

Greetings, Lads and Lasses!

Several months ago an announcement that I would be producing the next season of "The Master's Metal (Podcast)" was made on several social media outlets.  I was overwhelmed with messages of encouragement and excitement from many of you here with the Christian Metal Realm, as well as other social media locations!

I had already scripted 16 episodes, each being approximately 2 hours in length.  However, I scrapped those in exchange for 32 episodes,  each being approximately 1 hour in length.  I have already began scripting these new shows and am very anxious to share a starting date with you SOON™️!

Each episode will now cover a two year period (instead of five years, as with the former shows).  This new format now allows the option to feature additional songs from artists/bands who released more than one album in that time span!  

I will be sharing further updates with you as we arrive closer to a release date!
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