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It's time for a SOUNDMASS.COM SALE! -

We’ve just marked down HEAPS of CDs, DVDs, shirts and other merch in our webstore. Quantities are very limited and we will not necessarily be selling every copy of a given title at the discounted price, so get your order in quick!

All prices are in Australian dollars.

Here is the full list and, as usual, please make all orders online via our easy-to-use and secure shopping cart:


$15 Mortification: Realm Of The Skelataur NEW Vinyl
$15 Pantokrator: Incarnate NEW VINYL


$9 Abomo:Altar Funebre NEW CD
$5 Acacia:Untune The Sky NEW CD
$2 Alien Chain:Muscle (e.p.) NEW CD
$7 Angel 7:Last Revolution NEW CD
$9 BioGenesis:The Mark Bleeds Through - First Blood NEW CD
$9 BioGenesis:The Rise, The Fall, The Rebirth NEW CD
$2 Blackhouse:Material World NEW CD
$2 Blah:Blah NEW CD
$2 Blenderhead:Muchacho Vivo NEW CD
$2 Blenderhead:Figureheads On The Forefront Of Pop Culture NEW CD
$2 Brain[FAQ]:Nutze Die Zeit NEW CD
$2 Cadet:Cadet NEW CD
$7 Cash, Matt:Crash Down NEW CD
$2 Century Sleeper:Awaken NEW CD
$2 Chevelle:Point #1 NEW CD
$3 Chicago Is Burning:American Outlaw NEW CD
$7 Common Yet Forbidden:The Struggle NEW CD
$1 Confusion Of Faces:Confusion Of Faces (e.p.) NEW CD
$3 Coram Deo:Death Is Dead (e.p.) NEW CD
$2 CR33:The Backlash Uprising NEW CD
$5 Crush The Devil:Zero Tolerance For Animal Abuse (e.p.) NEW CD
$9 Cryptic Vision:Live At ROSFest NEW CD
$10 Dark Night:Day Of The Dead NEW CD
$3 Dead Moons Grey:DMG NEW CD
$9 Deuteronomium:From The Midst Of The Battle (Ltd. Ed. CD/DVD) NEW CD/DVD
$5 Devenir: Red Hipnotica NEW CD
$2 Don't Know:Coodly P. Ramaswami Memorial Cheesecake NEW CD
$1 Dumpster:See Through Me NEW CD
$2 Duraluxe:Rock Music W/ Singing NEW CD
$3 Early Warning System:Overworld NEW CD
$7 Ecthirion:Apocalyptic Visions (e.p.) NEW CD
$10 Elgibbor:Revenger Of Blood (re-issue) NEW CD
$5 Emotion:Emotion (Ltd. Ed.) NEW CD
$2 Enlow:The Desperate Letters NEW CD
$1 Epidemic:Who's Gonna Save You? (e.p.) NEW CD
$7 Eternal Emperor: In The Beginning (e.p.) NEW CD
$10 Exortta:Last Called NEW CD
$2 Extreme Teens:Write It On Your Heart NEW CD
$2 Falling Cycle:The Conflict NEW CD
$2 Fanmail:2000 NEW CD
$5 Fearscape:Sleeping In Light NEW CD
$1 Fido:Open Seven Days (e.p.) NEW CD
$1 Fido:Lost Without You (single) NEW CD
$10 Final Vortex:Excarnation NEW CD
$2 Fold Zandura:Ultraforever NEW CD
$7 ForChristSake:Apocalyptic Visions Of Divine Terror NEW CD
$7 ForChristSake:Death Is But A Breath Away (e.p.) NEW CD
$2 Frugals, The:Formula For Success NEW CD
$2 Gerald:Rockin' In The Big Smoke (e.p.) NEW CD
$2 Global Wave System:Life Equals Death NEW CD
$7 Grave Forsaken: Beside The River Of Blood NEW CD
$7 Grave Forsaken:Plugged Into The System NEW CD
$7 Grave Forsaken:Reap What You Sow NEW CD
$9 Grave Forsaken:This Day Forth NEW CD
$7 Grave Forsaken:Fight To The Death NEW CD
$9 Grave Forsaken:The Fight Goes On NEW CD
$7 Hating Evil:Rotten Inside (Ltd. Ed. re-issue) NEW CD
$7 Hazeroth: Charms Of Sin NEW CD
$9 Holy Blood:Day Of Vengeance NEW CD
$10 Hope Has Failed Us:Epitaphs And Eulogies NEW CD
$9 Ian:En Tiempos De Redencion NEW CD
$3 Icon Clan:Rock N' Roll Rodeo NEW CD
$10 Imperial Dusk:Northern Hordes NEW CD
$3 Imperial Dusk:Riders Of Vikings NEW CD
$2 Invaderz:Spesial Guest NEW CD
$7 Jacobs Dream:Drama Of The Ages NEW CD
$2 Jagged Doctrine:Absolution NEW CD
$2 Judas O Outro:Judas O Outro NEW CD
$9 Julgamento:Conflito Interno (e.p.) NEW CD
$5 Jump Ship Quick:Where Thieves Cannot Tread NEW CD
$9 Jupiter VI:Back From Mars NEW CD
$10 Jupiter VI:Moveable Walls NEW CD
$2 Kashee Opeiah:Panic In Solitude NEW CD
$10 King James:The Fall (Collectors Edition) NEW CD
$5 Kohllapse:Distant Mind Alternative (re-issue) NEW CD
$7 Liberdade Suprema:Palavra De Salvacao NEW CD
$2 Lifesavers:Huntington Beach NEW CD
$2 Like David:It Started With Twelve NEW CD
$10 Lumina Polaris:Vastaisku NEW CD
$2 Lurid Dawn:Never Meant It To (e.p.) NEW CD
$2 Luxury:Amazing And Thankyou NEW CD
$2 Luxury:The Latest And The Greatest NEW CD
$2 Magnum Cross:Revelation Unleashed NEW CD
$5 Malchus:Didymos NEW CD
$7 Man On Fire:Habitat NEW CD
$5 Martyrs Shrine:Martyrs Shrine NEW CD
$2 Means:Sending You Strength NEW CD
$2 Messenger:I'm Talking To You NEW CD
$9 Mortification:Erasing The Goblin (re-issue) NEW CD
$9 Mortification:Scribe Of The Pentateuch (re-issue) NEW CD
$9 Mortification:Relentless (re-issue) NEW CD
$9 Mortification:Brain Cleaner (re-issue) NEW CD
$5 Mortification:EnVision EvAngelene NEW CD
$7 Motus Deus:Los Espiritus NEW CD
$3 Mourning Dimension, The: In Mourning NEW CD
$1 Nagasaki:Sticks And Stones/Stand (e.p.) NEW CD
$1 Nagasaki:Sound Doctrine (e.p.) NEW CD
$1 New School Hero:Newschoolhero (e.p.) NEW CD
$5 One Kingdom: One Kingdom (e.p.) NEW CD
$10 Orphan Project:Orphan Found NEW CD
$9 Oskord:Weapon Of Hope NEW CD
$10 Pantokrator:Aurum NEW CD
$9 Pantokrator:Incarnate  NEW CD
$3 Pastor Brad:Break Out! (Ltd. Ed.) NEW CD
$2 Pep Squad:Yreka Bakery NEW CD
$10 Phillips, Michael:Mirrors Within Mirrors NEW CD
$2 Pious Chaotz:I Don't Like Jesus I Love Him NEW CD
$2 Pops Body Shop:Dreamers NEW CD
$9 Prophets Of War:Road To The End Of The World NEW CD
$2 Pugface:Ernie's World NEW CD
$2 Puller:Closer Than You Think NEW CD
$5 Rebelhead:Fightback NEW CD
$2 Roadside Monument:Eight Hours Away From Being A Man NEW CD
$2 Roadside Monument:Beside This Brief Hexagonal NEW CD
$5 Rowe, Jamie:The Beautiful (e.p.) NEW CD
$10 Sacrament:Testimony Of Apocalypse (Legacy Ed.) NEW CD
$5 Sacrificed, The:2012 (Ltd. Ed.) NEW CD
$9 Saint:Warriors Of The Son (30th Anniversary Ed.) NEW CD
$7 Salem Hill:Mimi's Magic Moment NEW CD
$7 Salem Hill:Be NEW CD
$4 Scourged Flesh:Released From Damnation NEW CD
$5 Scourged Flesh:Welcome To The End Of The World NEW CD
$9 Segor:Warmageddon NEW CD
$2 Septiembre:Cuando Empieza El Fin (e.p.) NEW CD
$2 Seven Horizons:Seven Horizons NEW CD
$3 Six Colder:Six Colder (e.p.) NEW CD
$9 Slidepulsedown:The Whole Divided Intogether NEW CD
$2 Slow Coming Day:Farewell To The Familiar NEW CD
$5 Stronghold:Cult Of Remorse NEW CD
$5 Summum Bonum:Mors Janua Vitae NEW CD
$10 Supresion:Emerging Extermination NEW CD
$9 Synnove:The Whore And The Bride NEW CD
$7 Synnove:Synnove (e.p.) NEW CD
$2 Templar:Dark Circus NEW CD
$2 Templar:Preaching To The Perverted (Ltd. Ed.) NEW CD
$3 Templar:Witch Hunt (e.p.) NEW CD
$9 Terraphobia:Evilution NEW CD
$9 Terraphobia:Terrafication - The Mort Years NEW CD
$5 They Wither:They Wither NEW CD
$7 Those Who Endure:Arise, O Sleeper NEW CD
$9 Thy Bleeding Skies:Seconds Of Immortality NEW CD
$2 Torn Skin:Violence And Technology NEW CD
$2 TruthBeKnown: Stealing Stones To Build Tomorrow NEW CD
$7 Tsavo Inc:When The Lions Are Hungry NEW CD
$9 Ultimatum:Symphonic Extremities (re-issue) NEW CD
$10 Various:Prophecy Foretold - A Brutal Christmas Compilation NEW CD
$2 Various:Oz Mosh 2005 NEW CD
$2 Visual Cliff:Freedom Within NEW CD
$7 Visual Cliff:Collective Spirit NEW CD
$7 Willow's Whisper:Pages Turn (e.p.) NEW CD
$2 W's, The:Trouble With X NEW CD
$10 Zero+onE:Der Krieg NEW CD


$13 Fearscape: Logo  NEW T-shirt
$13 Fearscape: Detonator  NEW T-shirt
$10 Haste The Day: Attack Of The Wolf King  NEW T-shirt
$15 Holy Blood: Shining Sun  NEW T-shirt
$20 Martyrs Shrine: Martyrs Shrine  NEW Hoodie
$3  Martyrs Shrine: Martyrs Shrine (kids)  NEW T-shirt
$12 Martyrs Shrine: Martyrs Shrine  NEW T-shirt
$5  Pillar: Rocks Australia  NEW T-shirt
$9  Soundmass: Flower Skull  NEW T-shirt
$9  Soundmass: Flying Skull (long-sleeve)  NEW T-shirt


$9  Deuteronomium: From The Midst Of The Battle (Ltd. Ed. CD/DVD)  NEW CD/DVD
$15 Juliano Collombo Project: Fire Alive  NEW DVD
$7  Mortification: Grind Planets (re-issue)  NEW DVD


$5  Bride:Scarecrow Messiah NEW Cap
$5  Bride:Logo NEW Cap
$3  Horde: Logo  NEW Patch
$2  POD:The Most Important Rock Band Today  NEW Poster
$1  Soundmass: Flying Skull calico bag  NEW Bag
$2 Templar: Lanyard  NEW Lanyard
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