Now Hiring...scouts for BEHOLD!

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Now Hiring...scouts for BEHOLD!

Post by strangerhoncho on Sat Nov 26, 2016 12:41 am

What do I mean by a scout?  Someone who regularly finds news about album releases, video releases, new podcasts, new bands, reunions, reissues, crowdfunds, news, etc.   BEHOLD! is looking for scouts to provide such leads on any non-mainstream band or book or artist related in any way to Christianity.  Metal, hardcore, metalcore, punk, industrial, alternative, post-punk, freak folk, ambient/martial, etc -- looking for those who can dig deep on all that stuff.

We'll be paying $1 for each lead.  Since there are hundreds of such leads every month on Facebook, Bandcamp, YouTube, etc., it could be a nice paying hobby for a few people who like to be the first to find out about things.

PM me for full details.

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