Another one to add to your prayer chains.....

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Another one to add to your prayer chains.....

Post by exo on Wed Aug 17, 2016 12:03 pm

Just learned that the former vocalist for Behold the Kingdom, Joseph Bellmer was blessed with the birth of a son last week.  Unfortunately, the child was born with a set of congenital heart defects known as TAPVR and DORV.  It's not pretty, I'll let folks google the terms rather than try to describe them, but the child has a long road ahead with multiple surgical interventions required.  First surgery has already occurred, they're expecting at LEAST a month in the hospital for THIS surgery.  Prayers for Joseph, his fiancé Cheyenne and baby Roman are very appreciated.......

There is also a funding project set up for medical and travel expenses.  This is the type of heart issues that even after release from the hospital will require 24/7 monitoring...

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