Where to go to gather input for my songs?

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Where to go to gather input for my songs?

Post by sadvader on Sun Mar 13, 2016 6:59 pm

as some of you might know I'm working on material for a CD. One of my bigger problems is the lack of earnest and truthful criticism that goes beyond the usual "Wow, great!" or simple ignorance. There are some people who provide their opinion and I'm very thankful for them but I feel that I'd like to receive more input.
I'm confident, that my songs ain't that bad at all but on the other hand I'm a bit anxious that it is worse than I think. I know that not everybody has the time or the knowledge to talk about the quality of songs made by a complete stranger and I respect it when people don't want to talk about such things, but I'm looking for new ways to receive feedback. I'm trying to give feedback to bands or solo musicians but most of time it isn't appreciated or not wanted. What am I doing wrong? Can some of you point me to a page, a forum or something like that?
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