WarHorse (Jokull of Frosthardr, Dodsmarsch, Innersiedge...) Planned CD Release

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WarHorse (Jokull of Frosthardr, Dodsmarsch, Innersiedge...) Planned CD Release

Post by Kerrick on Mon Feb 01, 2016 12:36 pm

I have been very eagerly awaiting for WarHorse to finally release some material on CD and now it's finally in the beginning stages!  WarHorse is the solo project of Jokull (of the bands mentioned in the title).  WarHorse plays pretty eclectic black metal with a lot of industrial sound to it too.  It's pretty raw yet superbly written music IMO.

So right now Jokull is collecting money to get his music released!  He's already working on material for CD #2!  Please help make this happen!


Jokull wrote:Hello friends and fans, enemies or who you may be; Thanks for viewing my campaign!

Some of you may know me as Jokull , the vocalist and guitarist of Frosthardr and Dödsmarsch , the bassist of Innersiege , former bassist of Antestor and A Hill To Die Upon , or you may never have heard of me at all...but hey, that's okay.
Working with lots of bands, some of my ideas seems not to fit into any of them, so I decided to record some solo material under the name of WarHorse .

After being asked several times if I will release any material on CD, I decided I'll do it...if I have the money for it. So here I am, asking you if you most generously would donate some of your hard earned "shiny mountain dollars", so I can afford getting the material mastered, replicated, and wrapped in a "fancy" cover!

I would really appreciate donations of any amount, and in advance, from the bottom of my metal pounding heart; THANK YOU!

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