Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts - Mohegan Sun Wolf's Den Uncasville, CT - August 29, 2014

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Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts - Mohegan Sun Wolf's Den Uncasville, CT - August 29, 2014

Post by Guest on Wed Jan 06, 2016 4:14 pm

Taken from my blog I had written this months ago but forgot about it so i published this on my blog today figure id share it.

Anybody who knows me knows one of my passions is music, and anybody familiar with my tastes knows I am a huge fan of Scott Weiland (former singer for Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver) He has a Jim Morrison meets David Bowie vibe to him. I have been wanting to see him live for years. It was on my bucket list of artists id like to see live in my lifetime.  I missed out when Stone Temple Pilots played at Foxwoods in 2012. My Sister in Law was getting married so I could’nt miss the wedding for a rock show.  I never got to see STP with Weiland perform as he got “fired” from the band he was a founder of.  So when his new band The Wildabouts started touring I had hoped that he would come to Connecticut. Imagine my surprise when he announced Mohegan Sun Casino. I started scouring the internet for ticket prices figuring a singer of his caliber would be playing the arena. Nope. The Wolf’s Den which means FREE SHOW!!!!!!!
I arrive about 3pm for the 8pm show and get a very sweet spot in line. Anybody who has been there knows the line starts at the entrance goes down a bit into the gaming floor and then it ends there and continues around the corner. I was in the line on the gaming floor. Guaranteed a seat inside. Jenn decided to join me, she arrived closer to 7pm. Which was good cuz she wouldnt have to stand around nearly as long as I did. The Show itself was good.
Set List
1) Crackerman (Stone Temple Pilots)
2) Tumble In the Rough (Stone Temple Pilots)
3) Do It For the Kids (Velvet Revolver)
4) The Way She Moves (Upcoming album)
5) The Jean Genie (David Bowie cover)
6) Big Bang Baby (Stone Temple Pilots)
7) Sucker Train Blues (Velvet Revolver)
Cool Big Empty (Stone Temple Pilots)
9) Slither (Velvet Revolver)
10) Vasoline (Stone Temple Pilots)
11) Beach Pop Rock (Upcoming)
12) Dead and Bloated (Stone Temple Pilots)
1) Unglued (Stone Temple Pilots)
Author Note: I just found this draft and never published it. Odd, well still havent published this yet but am determine to especially now that Scott Weiland passed away back in December 2015. He was one of my favorite singers, he had a talent for song writing and harmonies. Not to mention he was an awesome frontman. Who sadly became another casualty in the “Rock N Roll Lifestyle” RIP Scott Weiland the music world is a darker place without your voice.


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