Roxx Records Vinyl Update for 2015 (Mort, Won, Ult & RECON)

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Roxx Records Vinyl Update for 2015 (Mort, Won, Ult & RECON)

Post by Bill Roxx on Wed Jun 10, 2015 10:57 pm

Mortification - Break The Curse is almost done! Pre orders are up now and the small run of silver vinyls are doing well! We encourage you to get in on the pre orders now!

We are also working on the 25th anniversary of Recon - Behind Enemy Lines to come out in October! 

Our new Underground Series is also about to launch! This series will feature pressings of 100 to 150 copies in a ONE time only pressing! Up first is WonRowe Vision with their latest release '2 Headed Monster' which will be out later this summer. 

Underground Series Volume 2 will come out in October right alongside Recon and it is set to be a ONE time pressing of 150 copies of the thrash classic from Ultimatum - Into The Pit! Stay Tuned on all!
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