Advice on Workout Splits

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Advice on Workout Splits

Post by Metalhead-For-the-Messiah on Sat Mar 31, 2012 5:25 pm

I am 52 and have been working out consistently for 2 years...I do change my workout exercises,
but I need to revamp my training splits...

My current workout: {Try to hit about 4-5 exercises per body part with
15-20 cardio -elliptical or stair stepper machine afterwards}

Monday - Chest and Triceps
Tuesday- Biceps
Wednesday - Legs
Thursday - Shoulders
Friday - Off {Cardio - 30-45 minutes}
Saturday - Back {and some upper body like 1-2 chest, biceps, or shoulders}

I feel like I have hit a wall {I still get sore, but not seeing the results I was}.
Does this look like an overtraining regiment?

I would like to take the weightlifting to a 3 day splits with cardio on the "off" days.

I have racked my brains for body parts training splits, but can only come up
with a 4 day split...because I have been taught that legs can only be trained
by themselves....

Is a three day split possible?

I would appreciate any advice on this...Ready to revamp and er-energize
my workouts for better results {More muscle definition, but not skimming
on muscle growth either...
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Re: Advice on Workout Splits

Post by Hguols on Tue Apr 03, 2012 6:59 pm

My opinion, which is probably dark side of the moon for some people, is not to strength train. (working a different body part every day)

Yes, you're technically working separate muscle groups, but not really.

Chances are, if you're working your chest and triceps Monday, you're using just a little bit of your biceps and shoulders, just because they're all connected. You'll be using them more or less depending on your technique. If you build a little shoulder muscle doing bench on Monday, you're tearing any sort of growth you would have made on Thursday.

What I do is work all muscle groups to fatigue in one workout, and then take two days off weights. I always do cardio in between - currently doing a Jacob's ladder as my cardio. That thing is a killer if your gym has one.

Here's an example workout for me. I'll do abs first, every work out - bench, curls, upright rows/shoulders, fat bar twists for 3 sets, then either incline dumbbells or legs (or both, depending on how I'm feeling) and maybe even barbell pullovers. Might throw in a few extra sets on the bench, depending on who's lifting with me. A typical weight workout and cardio is two hours plus.

Two days off everything for maximum build, but of course do cardio and abs daily to keep my wind and endurance.

Lifting tears the muscle, but eating and resting builds it.

Another thing with building muscle. I really truly believe this, but if you're working with a weight you can push, pull, lift or move it more than 10 times, you're wasting your time.

I know guys that will do 15 or more reps to tone, but that's a myth. Toning isn't bigger muscle, its smaller fat between muscle and skin. You can do that with diet and cardio. You can tone just fine with heavy weight too.

If you want to be stronger/push heavier weights, you need to push heavier weights. Its as simple as that.

Once again, my advice might be considered wrong, but I'll tell you a few things. I've only been lifting for 4 1/2 years. When I started, my max on the bench was 155lbs. Now, my last set on the bench is 385lbs and I'm usually good for 3-4 reps. The only people in the gym that have a higher bench than me are the powerlifters who cheat use shirts, boards and have 4 people baby the weight to them off the rack do a lot of high weight.

I think everyone plateaus a little, but I feel like I steadily move up every month.

I'm the only guy in the gym that can incline the 150lb dumbbells. Granted I can only do 5 reps in a full range of motion a.k.a. properly, but I'm still moving up on that. Even the powerlifters don't even know what to do with those dumbbells.

I preacher curl an 85lb dumbbell for my bicep reps. I upright row a 72lb weight. I'd go heavier, but that's the biggest kettlebell they have.

Legs, I tend to do a warmup with 315lbs, and then 3 sets of 10 405lbs on the sled. Any more than that my back starts hating me.
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Re: Advice on Workout Splits

Post by arttieTHE1manparty on Wed Apr 04, 2012 5:44 pm

Your split is a fairly typical one, and one I have used myself. However, Hugols makes some valid points about tearing down and rebuilding...mostly because the order of your days is a bit off, at least in my opinion. If you want to use a split, I recommend one of the following, based on how many days you want to work out...

Monday: Back

Tues: Chest/Shoulders

Thurs: Legs

Sat: Arms/Abs

(Wed./Fri.Sun. off unless you want to mix cardio in on Wed and Sun. NEVER do cardio after leg day...)

A five-day split would look like this for me:

Mon: Back

Tues: Chest/Abs

Wed: off

Thurs: Shoulders

Fri: Legs/Abs

Sat: Bis/Tris

Sun: Off

I have also used this three-day split:

Mon: Back/Bis/Abs

Wed: Chest/Shoulders/Tris

Fri: Legs/Abs

with cardio on Tues and Sun.

Basically, it boils down to what works for you, however...

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Re: Advice on Workout Splits

Post by Metalhead-For-the-Messiah on Thu Apr 05, 2012 6:24 pm

Thank you both for your advice!

I feel I can use points from both of you!

I can tell that I have hit the "overtraining" stage" which has resulted
in alot of soreness and not much to show for it....

I am thinking about doing at least one week of nothing but cardio before starting a new training split....

Again, thanks!
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Re: Advice on Workout Splits

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