Thinking of getting a keyboard...

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Thinking of getting a keyboard... Empty Thinking of getting a keyboard...

Post by Driven on Sun Aug 25, 2013 10:03 am

So I've had my eye on getting a standalone, not computer-dependent keyboard for playing live. I'm not a very good keyboardist, but I know the basics and I want to be better. I need to decide on a few thingsā€¦ so I'd appreciate advice. I was thinking of playing things in the vein of Rush, and also for leading worship services further down the road, so if that can help you advise me (for a wise man will obtain wise counsel), then that would be great. Smile

- 61 keys or 88 keys? I want something relatively portable, and I'm not sure if I need the whole bajillion octaves. On the other hand, if I start playing piano, I don't want to be crippled.
- Yamaha or Roland? I've heard good things about both brands. Any personal experiences with either one?
- What features do I need to be able to play things like Rush, or worship? I know one worship who used dual voicing and split keyboards so he could play bass/pad with the left hand while playing melody/piano with the right hand.
- Foot pedals? Of course I want a sustain pedal, but I've been thinking of getting a Taurus-style foot pedal set for various reasons (playing bass with feet and playing acoustic guitar, for playing bass with feet and playing melody/chords with both hands, for triggering certain sound effects...) Should I get some? Which brand/model? I don't want something too expensive, but I understand that most pedals are.

I've been contemplating this model, with an FC5 sustain pedal.

Any advice appreciated. Thanks/merci/gracias/obrigado/danke.
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