I need beta-readers for my upcoming webcomic.

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I need beta-readers for my upcoming webcomic.

Post by Machine Fish on Tue Jul 10, 2018 11:27 am

Hey CMR Family,
I'm writing a Webcomic, and when I release it, I will be starting with a Monthly release schedule. I have 13 complete pages so far. It will be one page a month, until I have enough back pages built up to move to a bi-weekly schedule.
But right now I'm looking for people who are interested in critiquing the story aspect of what I have so far. I will also take visual critiques as well(but stylistically I've got what I want). 
If you are interested, PM me please.
Stylistically I'm going for a retro pixel art style, with heavy influences from shonen style anime, as well as some western comics as well.
Hit me up with a PM and I'll send you a link.
Thanks everyone.
Machine Fish
Machine Fish
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