Hymns of the Blackest Light, Vol.2

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Hymns of the Blackest Light, Vol.2

Post by exo on Mon Mar 05, 2018 8:36 pm

hey folks, I know there are a couple of us other than myself and Thomas that drop by The Blackest Light forum, where we've started a bit of a tradition of releasing a comp CD featuring various bands and projects from TBL forum done in cooperation with DC Mills/Vials of Wrath, on his Fallen Oak Recording label.

I'm pleased to announce that preorders are up and a teaser video released!

12 acts running the range  from ambient/noise to death and blackmetal, limited to 125 physical copies worldwide.  Features tracks from a couple notable underground names like Nattesorg and Orationem, a new track from Vials of Wrath that will be exclusive to the comp, and my own   contribution (Stormsinger)features a ripping guest solo from Chris Sharrock of Dagon.....

If you have interest in an actual physical CD, PLEASE jump on the preorder as soon as you can, last year's 100 CD run was sold out well before the actual release date!  Digital copies will be available once the physical CD is released.


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Re: Hymns of the Blackest Light, Vol.2

Post by Kerrick on Mon Mar 05, 2018 8:42 pm

I saw on facebook!  Volume I is fantastic and I've been eagerly awaiting Volume II for a while.  I pre-ordered my copy right away.  Smile

p.s. very cool artwork.

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