Vid/sound test w Kramer Beretta yo 404

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Vid/sound test w Kramer Beretta yo 404

Post by gtr1963 on Fri Jan 19, 2018 11:17 pm

Been playing over 30 yrs but never ever did a vid...just recently made one doing a sound/video test. Trying(when time allows) to record a CD. In my studio got win 7 tower, Xenyx 802 mixer, Maudio 2496 soundcard, Maudio bx5 monitors, shure sm57, shure sm58, sonar artist, presonus studio one professional, ez drummer 2, isotope ozone mastering software

2 Kramer barettas
Boss gt6
Dunlop wah
racked bbe 362, furman power
2 Marshall 100 watt tube heads
2 4×12 Marshall 1960 slant cabs

mallcore n00b
mallcore n00b

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