The Bearded Dragon Presents -- Metal From The Dragon Vol. II

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The Bearded Dragon Presents -- Metal From The Dragon Vol. II

Post by Mysterious Gamer Dude on Fri Dec 22, 2017 4:25 pm

Hey guys, so I was asked by my cool friend MasonTheBearded over at The Bearded Dragon to share this with you guys. He's got a sick compilation here consisting of several great artists, some of which you'll most definitely recognize-- like Pantokrator, Children of Wrath, Death Requisite and more.

It would help my friend out a lot if you guys could check it out, it's available for free digital download right now via Bandcamp!

He actually just recently joined the CMR, but is unable to post links until the 7 day wait has subsided. He's a cool dude with cool content. I hope you guys like his newest compilation!!

The Bandcamp link can be found here:

If you want you can check out Vol. I while your there, if you haven't already! It features Vials of Wrath, Blood Thirsty, and some others.

You can check out MasonTheBearded's official Twitter profile here!
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