Christian Black Metal band Neohadth records their first song

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Christian Black Metal band Neohadth records their first song

Post by Mysterious Gamer Dude on Thu Dec 21, 2017 4:39 pm

So I was scrolling through Cerimonial Sacred's Facebook feed, and I noticed a Christian Metal live show advertisement that was posted a while back with several bands listed, three of which were Black Metal. Including Cerimonial Sacred. I decided to check out the other two CBM bands, the first one that I searched up was Neohadth. Now I know that there is already a thread for recently discovered bands, however I thought that this band deserved special attention, because not only are they fairly new, they also just recorded their first ever song several months ago, and it is really good IMO for a band's very first song ever. Also, like Cerimonial Sacred, they are based out of Brazil. TheĀ  band currently has five members, and do a lot of underground live performances in Brazil. It appears they will also be releasing a new, first-ever CD sometime in the future. This newly-recorded song also appears to be from that upcoming release.

(PS: I will try my best to keep newly discovered bands in the "Newly Discovered Bands" thread in the future. Unless of course, an exception occurs.)

Newly recorded, first-ever song by "Neohadth"

To be honest, I could listen to this one song all day long.

Here is Neohadth's official Facebook page.
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