Review: Michael Cutting - Unspoken

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Review: Michael Cutting - Unspoken

Post by Stand against the wind on Tue Jun 27, 2017 7:14 pm

Let me say first that this is absolutely a great album!

Unspoken is a diverse collection of sight and sound. Cuttings guitarwork is great and there is great sonic athmosphere and mood throughout the album.
It's hard to put this album to any category, because there is so much there: you can hear some echoes from grunge-era, some bluesy sounds, AOR.. Beatles?

There is a great variety in compositions. Every song is individual and different and that makes listening to this album smooth and enjoyable.
Cutting earned his stripes in music business as being the guitarist of late 80´s, early 90´s classic heavy metal band Holy Soldier.  He played on bands self titled opener and third follow up Promise Man and their live-collection Encore, which is the last Holy Soldier-album.
Now his first solo-album Unspoken sounds nothing like the classic Holy Soldier. There is some traces to Promise Man, but not much. After Holy Soldier Cutting was part of rock-band Death&Taxes and has been involved ina a Pink Floyd tribute project.

In Unspoken he is doing things his own way. He has travelled far from where he started. And that´s the way it should be when you do your own music.
For some this may be disappointment, but for me and for many others this is a great news. Why to do the same things again and again? And don´t get me wrong, I love the whole Holy Soldier catalogue and play them from time to time, but I love it when artists evolve and grow over time.

There are couple rocking tunes on Unspoken, but overall it leans more to the mellow side. Most rocking tunes are opener Table For One and Slip Away, that ends the album.
Cutting has filled the album with a lot of emotion. He knows how to stop the listener just to sit down and listen the songs and lyrics. The song Leave It Behind is example of slower tracks that works perfectly. It has great melody and lyrics. The song grows from silent start to epic ending.

I love the sound Cutting has caught to the album. It stands up from the mass of overproduced and dull music you hear daily from the radio. While not being overproduced, Unspoken is greatly produced and well balanced album.

There are albums you listen once and get all from it. Then there are albums you listen many times and find something new every time. Unspoken is latter one. The more you listen to it, the more you get from it, and the more you love it.

There are nine tracks in this album and no fillers. The bonus track Shuffle Off To Buffalo jumps apart from the sound and mood of the album and doesn´t quite fit in. 
My favourite tracks are: Karma, Leave It Behind, Shadow Man, Angel On My Mind.

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