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Guitar Tablature

Post by Wigeon on Mon Apr 10, 2017 4:54 pm

Didn't get any responses on this post in the Musician's Corner area, so posting here too:

Does anyone here use or create guitar tablature? I used to transcribe a lot of Tourniquet songs. I also did a few Echo Hollow songs. Not sure if there is much of a demand for tabs anymore with YouTube and what not. I haven't done any since 2012 when Tourniquet released their last full length album. I'm starting to get motivated again, but not sure anyone would find them useful. Not sure I want to do full songs, maybe just some cool riffs here and there, or might just make some videos to post on the YouTube. I've been working on the opening riff of Flowering Cadaver, and the awesome riff in the middle of that song.

Here is my collection of tabs if anyone is interested:
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