Horrendous Disc - Kickstarter done right!

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Horrendous Disc - Kickstarter done right!

Post by bjorn agin on Sat Apr 01, 2017 8:54 am

The Kickstarter campaign for the deluxe reissue for Daniel Amos's album Horrendous Disc has been very successful. Right now they are at $52000 of a $10000 goal. As they've gone over the goal, the band has added several stretch goals for supporters.

$30,000 - We're there! We will add yet another disc to the collection - a never-before-heard live recording from 1979 featuring many songs from the HD-era! This live disc will be included with all album tiers as an added bonus. We will expand the CD booklet to 40 pages, the vinyl edition will include full color sleeves and we will do our best to get all HD-era members of DA to autograph the items for the tiers that include autographs!
(Box set mock up - not actual artwork)  
$35,000 - We're there!! We hope to turn the project into a full box set - allowing room for all of the discs as well as other goodies and surprises! To start it off, we'll throw in a sticker, a DA button, a guitar pick and (5) five random photos from the DA/Solid Rock archives!
$40,000 - We're there!!!! We will add a newly produced special limited edition swirly blue vinyl EP to ALL VINYL TIERS and ALL TIERS of $100 or more. That's right, if you have pledged for vinyl - or, for more than $100, we will add on a newly produced special edition EP which will be created in the style of the original Horrendous Disc Vinyl EP - 78rpm on one side and the other side at 33 and 1/3. Track list and order has not yet  been determined, but I'm sure it will be worth while!
$45,000 - Wow! This is incredible. We are all flabbergasted. Two whole days left. So how about yet another stretch goal?! $45,000? Who's onboard. How about a 7-inch single picture disc? Free for all tiers of $50 and above!! There was never a 7-inch single, promo or otherwise for this album so let's correct that tragic oversight.

Here's the link to the KS page https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/946153346/daniel-amos-horrendous-disc-deluxe-edition

Talk about a Kickstarter campaign done right.
bjorn agin
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Re: Horrendous Disc - Kickstarter done right!

Post by eatbugs on Sat Apr 01, 2017 12:39 pm

Agreed.  I look forward to a complete box set of this.

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